Longzhen One-Stop Community Elderly Service Program

A group photo of people in blue jackets.

Longzhen Senior Care, operator of a community-based eldercare center, realized that many of the area’s oldest old were aging at home and were cut off from various services available in the community. In response, they developed a free one-stop community elderly service program. They assess each person’s needs and provide liaisons (combining social workers and volunteers) to arrange for everything from adult daycare and home medical services to handymen, emergency alert response, home-delivered meals, legal assistance, shopping assistance, and other services.

Preventing Stroke Recurrence through a Hospital–Local Government Partnership to Support Patient Self-Management

The city of Komagane has partnered with the Showa Inan General Hospital on an initiative to help mild stroke patients better manage their health to prevent recurrence. Skilled professionals start working with patients and their families during their hospitalization, engaging them in their own health goal setting and management and then consulting with them for the first year following their discharge.

The Housing Complex as One Big Family

Grundtvig has created a small, multi-functional care facility within an existing housing complex in Japan, allowing residents to age in place and encouraging cross-generational exchanges and community revitalization.