CARES4WOUNDS uses digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive system for wound assessment and management. Chronic wounds are particularly prevalent among older people in care facilities and this innovation streamlines the process for evaluation and treatment.

WheeLog!—An Accessibility Map Application Created by Everyone

A trip to an unfamiliar place for a wheelchair user or older person with limited mobility can be daunting. WheeLog!, an application for cellphones and computers, addresses these challenges by creating an interactive map that allows users to clearly see the accessibility of public spaces, sharing barrier-free-related information from all over Japan—and hopefully around the world in the near future.

AHWIN Papers No. 2: The Impact and Future of Japan’s 8020 Campaign

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the older populations in many countries. This second installment of a new policy brief series, the AHWIN Papers, assesses the success of Japan’s 8020 Campaign, which works to help people retain more teeth into their later years, specifically to ensure that people still have 20 of their original adult teeth at the age of 80.

Ageing and Health in Viet Nam

The Longitudinal Study of Ageing and Health in Viet Nam (LSAHV) is the first multi-actor longitudinal study on ageing in Viet Nam with information collected from older Vietnamese people, their current and potential caregivers, and adult children. The 2018 baseline data provides comprehensive information on the health, economic status, and overall well-being of a nationally representative sample of older Vietnamese people aged 60 and above.