CARES4WOUNDS uses digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive system for wound assessment and management. Chronic wounds are particularly prevalent among older people in care facilities and this innovation streamlines the process for evaluation and treatment.

Houston Apollo Model –Sustainable Intelligent Community Health Service for Older People In Remote Areas

A model for delivering medical services in rural areas by leveraging existing community activities—i.e., the Yunlin government’s congregate meal service (CMS) sites, where people 65 and older can come and receive subsidized meals in a community space. National Taiwan University Hospital’s Yunlin Branch is the command center, coordinating with local physicians to provide free telemedicine consultations and health monitoring to older people at the CMS sites.

WheeLog!—An Accessibility Map Application Created by Everyone

A trip to an unfamiliar place for a wheelchair user or older person with limited mobility can be daunting. WheeLog!, an application for cellphones and computers, addresses these challenges by creating an interactive map that allows users to clearly see the accessibility of public spaces, sharing barrier-free-related information from all over Japan—and hopefully around the world in the near future.